Welcome! Join us this Sunday at 10 am

(Face coverings are required at all times throughout this service)

For regulations covering services other Sundays please follow this link:

COVID 19 Permitted Activities from 29.03.01 v1.0_1.pdf (churchofengland.org)

Revd David and his wife, Rachael, began ministry in Shiregreen in 2009.  David has a passion for the Bible and for preaching and teaching God's Word. He is dedicated to helping others understand God's love and what it means to follow Jesus Christ. He is committed to building a church that serves the community and where every person can discover God's calling on their life.

To contact David: david@shiregreenchurch.co.uk 

The parish of St James & St Christopher is committed to high standards of safeguarding and care of children, young people, and vulnerable adults.

Our Safeguarding Officer is Mrs Corrine Moss, who can be contacted on 07528 823 941, and our Parish Safeguarding Policy can be read in full by following this link:


St James & St Christopher, 417-423 Bellhouse Road, Shiregreen, Sheffield, S5 0RG